Today in the city Walnut Grove 22.01.2019
Trump goes on Sunday night Twitter rant mocking Elizabeth Warren, saying her campaign announcement 'would have been a smash' if her husband had dressed in 'Indian garb'

President Donald Trump on Sunday again mocked Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American heritage and her nascent presidential ambitions. Trump singled out Warren's instagram campai...

North Dakota Oil Group Invests in Worker Training

A North Dakota oil group is offering experienced oil workers a chance to advance their careers at a time when the industry is setting production records in the state.

South Dakota Health Care System Expands Grief Counseling

A South Dakota health care system is expanding its grief counseling program in the Black Hills region.

Prominent Figure Quits German Far-Right Party for New Group

A once-prominent figure in the far-right Alternative for Germany has left the party after a falling-out and has reportedly founded a new group.

Terror Group Seizes Last Syrian Opposition Stronghold

A powerful extremist group seized control of most of Syria’s last opposition stronghold on Thursday, threatening a fragile cease fire intended to avert a Syrian military offensive and likely humanitar...

How Much Is Grab Worth?

Grab is a Singapore-based company which offers ride hailing, ride sharing and food delivery services via its mobile app in Southeast Asia.

This Grape Grower Is Evangelical About A Heat Application Alternative To Vineyard Sprays

Concerned about human health, a California grape grower joined a small company to sell a heat application system that rivals pesticed and fungicide spraying.

Chinese Group Swindles $18.5 Million From Indian Arm of Italian Company: Economic Times

MUMBAI (Reuters) - A group of Chinese hackers robbed 1.3 billion rupees ($18.45 million) from the Indian unit of Tecnimont SpA through an elaborate...

The Absurd, Unsubtle Joy of the “Subtle Asian Dating” Facebook Group

In October, a University of Washington student who goes by the pseudonym “Hella Chen” joined the megaviral Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits. The group, which has garnered more than 1 million members...

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